We’re together on this–Lynne and Richard. Lynne’s the editor when Richard needs one. We’re interested in exercise, eating properly & maintaining good health habits–no drugs, tobacco, etc…–politics, economics, the economy, saving the environment–maybe the world–if that’s still possible, renewing the social contract,  justice, history, science, fairness, and in helping America through it’s adolescence. I know the last point seems a bit presumptuous. Have to warn you that the blog will take on a topic once in a while that does not fit quite snugly into one of the above areas, but then we all drift away from the point occasionally.

I am expanding this blog and in that sense I will spend more time on new directions. I have a PayPal account and contributions small and large are welcome.

Make contributions at PayPal to my e-mail account:  poplar1979@hotmail.com


7 responses to “About

  1. I nominated you for an award. You don’t have to participate. 🙂

  2. It’s always the thought that counts.

  3. I’ve only been posting every day since January 1 of this year. I have a different emphasis each month. You should be able to scroll down and then the page will take you back progressively as far back as you care to go. In January, the subject was health and staying fit. In February, politics and the economy. In March, social issues. In April, global warming and climate change. In May, gardening & farming. In June, self-education.

    Hard to read everything I know, but if you have special interests I’ll be happy to help you find those in my blog if I can.

    I’m glad you find it interesting.

  4. You don’t have an archives widget activated on your blog. It would be handy. I’d love to know what you think about in politics.

    Even if you don’t add an archives list, when I get some time, I’ll find your posts. Thanks!

  5. I’ll try to work on a widget for archives. I’ll send you direct links to some representative politics pages. During February, I think, I wrote only about politics and the economy–many times tied together of course. I think I have your e-mail and can send you links directly. If I am uncertain about it we’ll know soon.

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