On Dietary Change When You Begin Exercising

While you are getting your exercise program going, trying different ideas and getting accustomed to exercising every day, a little discussion about diet is in order. It ‘s important for those who are just beginning to exercise that just as you are beginning to take on new exercise routines  slowly  so also you should change hour diet slowly, yet not too slowly.

Several ideas or strategies should be kept in mind: (1) Change from eating larger meals to smaller ones, indeed snacking  5 – 6 times a day instead of eating larger meals 2 – 3 times a day. (2) Eliminate junk foods and emphasize more protein and fiber at the expense of carbohydrate and fat. This means eliminating or reducing drastically your intake of of starchy,  processed foods. (3) In the beginning it’s important to keep the changes simple. Add oatmeal for breakfast, mixed with dried fruits and nuts and perhaps a little raw honey. Pour over a bed of mixed fruits (3-4 different ones). Preferably the fruits should have high antioxidant content and be low in glycemic index. Examples include kiwi! blueberries! dark red or black grapes, raspberries, and so on. You can make your own list.

(4) Alternative breakfasts can include mixtures of yogurt, added cut-up fresh fruits, dry high-protein grain cereals or a high protein smoothie prepared from a mixture of fruits, juice, yogurt and protein powder.

(5) Snacks can include vegetables, fruits, almonds or some other nuts, low fat cheeses on a minimum number of crackers.

(6) Lunches can be salads topped with some tuna, salmon or alternative fish, or poultry ( chicken or turkey). You can add a wide variety of vegetables, some fruits as well as nuts. You can add slices of freshly cooked hard boiled eggs, cottage cheese , slices of cheddar or other cheeses.  You can tire of salads easily unless to interject substantial variety into them. You need not have salad each day, but you should have a mixture of raw vegetables together perhaps with some chicken or fish. The side can be several slices of tomatoes over a few lettuce leaves.

(7) Dinner can include fish, chicken preferably boiled or roasted plus several vegetables.  Mixtures of vegetables only can be backed in a squash with some cooked wild rice mixed in. Over time you will find that preparing soups ahead of time and having a small bowl of lunch or even for a snack is an option. Eat mainly high protein, dark multigrain breads, but not in high quantity. Drink plenty of water each day.


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