Blog Entries for 2015

In 2012, I started in earnest making daily entries into this blog. I decided on twelve separate topics to write about daily and I did that for the entire year of 2012. It was a good discipline, a way to think things through. I wrote on one topic each month.

Even though many of us think we have ideas straight in our minds, often we do not. I am not suggesting we delude ourselves into thinking we have a clear idea of some thought we have previously worked through, but it is true that if we try to write out the main elements of the idea we think we firmly understand, we invariably clarify some parts of it and we are often surprised by what comes pouring out onto the page.

Thus, the process of writing out an essay on a idea or topic we thought had been pretty well worked over and sorted out is, almost invariably, a humbling experience. What we know after the fact is often so much more than we knew in the beginning. Indeed, it gives us cause to wonder whether we had really ever previously thought through the idea when we began writing.

This is a confession I have not previously made in these pages. Thus, The reader is now warned that the writer may have not known very much about what he was talking about when he began to write the essays which will now appear daily throughout the coming year. However, the reader will hopefully learn something from the finished products, but perhaps not as the writer learned in their construction.

This month I will write about various approaches I have developed to maintain and improve on personal fitness. I think this is an incredibly important topic generally, especially in a population that is aging. Some say we are not aging well, but that is an individual matter. Here I will look at the issue from a personal perspective, and from every angle that has become important to me over the course of the last several years. You can take what lessons you may find valuable from these pages over the next month and apply them in your own lives or not. That’s something which is up to you. If you try some things and find them valuable you can add a comment at the end of the relevant essay. Your comments can be general or specific. Your comment be easily made, and while I can edit submitted comments, I rarely do. I encourage you to leave comments. It informs what we do. Issues that come up in the comments sections of daily posts I may take up more generally in subsequent essays — should I do that I will refer readers back to the part of the original comments that inspired the extended commentary. In can also just make a comment to the comment where it is posted.

Finally, I should say than most blog posts appearing daily this month and in subsequent months will be greater than 300 words but usually less than 1000 words in length. In general, each will be a fairly quick read. Have fun reading the posts, make a few notes and comment if you are motivated to do so.


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