What To Do Until The Collapse Comes

I’m imagining that we can move slowly toward a collapse the details of which may be impossible to define, but we can certainly foresee it in broad terms as I have tried to show in recent blog posts. We can see it coming to individuals and even to groups. They gradually lose jobs or are always moved down the scale to lower and lower paying jobs, but none of those jobs provide a way to stay out of poverty. Of course, we can think ourselves too smart and wake up one morning in the midst of the collapse we knew was coming, but failed to see it until it was upon us.

In view of the possibility that the forthcoming collapse may not be wide spread enough to include me for years yet, I decided to get ready for it — especially because I might be wrong and the collapse might be closer than I think. Also, I thinking it may start and then things will become more difficult gradually. I won’t wake up some morning having gone from comfortable to destitute overnight. It may be upon me over a period of months or more.

I’m assuming it will be hard to move around unless one has a bicycle or something that moves on battery power that I can charge using my own solar system. I don’t know much about solar, but it appears to can build your own systems for about 10 percent the cost of a commercial system. I’ve built my own solar oven, but I need to improve on the design, or learn to eat food that doesn’t need to be cooked. I’ll also need some good water filtration systems for water to drink or cook with. Of course, I’ll use natural gas until it becomes too expensive. I expect the price to go up 10-100 fold so I’ll have to use far less of it that I do currently.

In general, it doesn’t cost too much to either cool or warm the house. I’ve been insulating and buying a little extra warm clothing. I need enough solar to run things minimally. The house is well designed with the bedrooms on the far ends. They can be closed off on cold days, but it’s not as cold even in winter as it used to be.

Initially, the living quarters should be adequate. I’ll have to adjust if natural gas costs increase as much as I think they will. Also, hang drying washed clothes may become important.

In general, the living space will be adequate with diminished heating and cooling and electricity needs diminished appropriately.

To get around, I have a bike which I keep in good working order. It will be useful for going off to get provisions as needed — Ana as long as they are available.

I’ve been doing a lot of gardening in past years and I’ll need to increase that and get used to both freezing crops, storing in some in root cellar of canning. I suspect it will be mostly freezing and root cellar storage of crops from the expanded garden.

I’m increasing my tool supply, especially old time and some nice modern tools for building and repairing items with non-power tools. As some stage electricity needs won’t be able to handle critical needs if I have too many power tools.


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