Top Ten Fruits Or Vegetables For Health In General And Anti-cancer Effects In Particular

Here is my list of 10 wonder-foods. There are others as well. Read more about these and others. Keep and develop your own list.

1. Raspberries: among the best sources of fiber for fruits, and great antioxidant content as well. Buy fresh in season as well as fresh frozen — add to plain yogurt or make a smoothie now and then.

2. Kale: among the best for vitamin content and bone strengthening minerals — especially high in vitamin K.

3. Orange: high in vitamin content (like kale). Eat the peeled fruit — not inclined to buy or drink the juice unless it’s a freshly made juice.

4. Garlic: constituents with high anti-microbial, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effects. Hard to get enough of it for full range of therapeutic effects. Still, put fresh garlic into everything.

5. Blueberries: among the highest in antioxidant concentration, noted for stimulating memory and brain function. Good fiber content. Mix with plain yogurt, whey protein powder, almond meal and eat for breakfast or mid-morning snack.

6. Brussels sprouts, broccoli or other cruciferous vegetables — among the healthiest groups of vegetables — high in fiber, rich in antioxidants or things we use in our own antioxidant protective systems, important to our own antioxidant enzymes for example — healthy selenium content. Gives full feeling but low calorie and low glycemic index.

7. Red bell peppers: among the superfoods, rich in vitamin C and other antioxidant.

8. Spinach: high in vitamins and mineral, ESP. Frolic acid, Manganese and Iron.

9. Dark red, purple or black grapes: skins especially contain antioxidant, potentially anti-cancer constituents.

10. Eggplant: high in antioxidants, soluble fiber.

Others vegetables and fruits I would considerbaddingnto the above list:

– Kiwi: high in antioxidants
– beets: especially when obtained fresh from the garden — great fiber content
– tomato: again when fresh from the garden, cook same day, eaten raw or frozen directly and later converted into sauce with added fresh basil. Lycopene a healthy constituent.


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