Eating Notes On A Sort Of Typical Day

Up early this morning having a glass of water to get started and a breakfast that once mixed together would likely fill about a cup and a half. Add cut up one-half of banana, a peeled and sliced kiwi, about 6-8 black seedless grapes, and same amount of strawberries also sliced plus same amount of raspberries to a shallow, wide bowl. On top of the fruit I add several tablespoons of plain, fat-free Greek yogurt and a scoop of whey protein as well as a tablespoon of almond meal. All this is mixed with a spoon until it looks relatively homogeneous, but lumpy. I then eat it all with the mixing spoon.

About 9 am I’m off to Panera to meet friends — business meeting. Have a cup of hazelnut coffee with a little half and half. Water follows. Then later after discussions are mostly finished I have a tomato-cheese soufles. This seems like an extravagence. It is.

For lunch I have a large cup or gojiberry-green tea at the Teahouse on Fruitville Road. That was lunch — still feeling guilty over the soufles. Although from time to time all early afternoon I nibble on freshly picked lettuce from the garden.

Late afternoon snack amounts to about a third of a relatively large plate containing selected fruits and vegetables: cold-cooked beets, cauliflower, sweet red pepper slices, black grape slices, broccoli, Anjou pear slices, cucumber slices, strawberries, and avocado slices. On the side I have a little almond butter on two very small squares of toasted whole grain bread, and also two addition squares with a smoked cheese.

Later dinner is 5-6 small pieces of chicken (mostly breast meat) warmed in foil at 220 for 15 – 20 minutes which I microwave an small sweet potato for six minutes and steam a few handfuls of green beans previously snipped at the ends and washed thoroughly.

About 45 minutes after finishing dinner I have a a small dish of mint chip ice cream with a tablespoon full of chocolate. Over the course of the day I drink about eight glasses of water, and do a bit of light exercise. This is Thursday and my main days for exercise are Monday-Wednesday-Friday and sometimes Saturday morning.


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