2013 — A Really New Year Is Upon Us

An old saying goes, “he who saves a single soul saves the whole world.” This bears repeating on the eve of the new year. We have many changes in front of us. People around the world are looking at life differently, but this has been emerging for a while. It is not just for the eve of 2013 that we come face to face with this idea.

We have a lot to think through. The economic system works for some and not for others. Those who have a lot want more even if it means others have to starve. That can never be tolerated. It will occur in some measure, but in the end as economic systems are consumed by greed and avarice, they will die and the death may not be a pretty one. People at the top cannot collect more and more of the resources while those at the bottom get less and less. This will result in increased civil unrest that can potentially become chaotic.

Business and industry destroy the environment in the name of profit. They do not repair the land. They have carried on like that for centuries and we are finding that we are running out of resources and in many cases the land that might feed and water us is fouled beyond recognition. It’s time to change all that. People in all countries need potable water and the ability to obtain food from the land, but if the land is fouled and the water in short supply, we will also risk considerable civil unrest and potential chaos.

Scarce resources have to be used with care. Once they are gone, in some cases, they may be gone. We have many transitions to go through over the next several years and some of those may surprise us. It’s quite clear that it will take a long time to run out of some resources, while others may create more immediate problems. Without a continuous supply of hopefully renewable energy sources we will ultimately run out of the means to run the economy. While we will not come close to running out of oil and natural gas for a century or more, we will run out at some point. Of course, burning it all up and capturing the energy we can, may leave us with a fouled atmosphere and an altered climate that may be difficult to accommodate.


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