The Undecided Voter

I suspect there are far fewer undecided voters than there appear to be. The electorate is far more polarized than it may have ever been or at least within our collective living memory. There are, of course, some who are truly undecided–but perhaps these are the folks who are “undecided” about everything as a matter of personal preference.

Some, and I suspect many, say they are undecided because they don’t want a sudden uncomfortable conversation with a difficult zealot–someone who, for example, proclaims that he/she cannot imagine a situation allowing the other candidate to be elected. Believe me, we have a ton of zealots out there this time and they are making life very difficult for the rest of us.

I have a candidate which I prefer to see elected, of course, but I will not be devastated if the other candidate wins. I’ll be momentarily unhappy about it, but it won’t put me in a “Mitch McConnell mood,” working to assure we have elected a one-term president.

In this election I don’t see a happy outcome occurring naturally–people are that polarized. If one puts up a sign in one’s yard, one can be assured to the potential for hate mail in one’s mailbox. It may not be that bad, but it could be.

I hope we get over ourselves after the election, but it may take a while.


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