Science, Spirituality and Cosmology

The transformation of the people of the Earth from a relatively dispersed collections of hunters in small to medium size bands or tribes into a more organized agrarian society evolved over thousands of years. Slowly as farming communities developed and agriculture spread around the world survival became easier when compared with the harder pressure of the hunt, when failure often meant more than just going without a meal, but rather may have meant failing to survive to hunt again.

Farming communities engaged in making improvements. Plants and animals were domesticated and served the common good. Trading economies evolved. Money was issued. As population densities increased, cities were created. Art, architecture and culture advanced. Thinkers led followers and students in novel directions.

There was a growing understanding and accuracy in observation of the sun, moon, planets and stars. Algebra and geometry developed. An elementary form of the science of physics evolved. Even so, many developed ideas from scientific logic. New calendars were improved. Clocks were developed. Conceptual formulations of the physical nature of the universe were forwarded.

Philosophy evolved and attempted to place humans in relation to all other entities in the universe. Creation myths evolved. Religious leaders offered ideas that would explain existence as well as the nature of reality. Developing science sought intellectual understanding rather than “faith” while philosophy moved toward spirituality as a key concept. This may have established from the beginning a permanent block between philosophy and science. One hopes this was not the case, but there may have been little hope of any other outcome considering this beginning.

Science has made use of increasingly precise observations to see a complex yet rational universe, while spirituality sees the universe in a similar way not so much advanced by “faith” but solidified by it.

Many centuries later into modern times the idea of cosmology was evolved in 1730 as a discipline that sought to understand the “origin, evolution, structure, and ultimate fate of the universe at large”… and…”the natural laws that keep it in order.” While there have since been incredible advances in our knowledge of the universe as it affects both the underlying science as well as what we may feel spiritually when we consider its immensity, the universe is also less accessible, but still unmanageable to grasp in detail. It makes me think that the scientific and spiritual dimensions of the universe may yet come together. We shall see.


2 responses to “Science, Spirituality and Cosmology

  1. It seems like the attempt to do so is well underway.

  2. We been thinking in these terms for a while, but only recently have we begun to make sense.

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