Shrimp And Lemon Herb Parmesan Risotto

Saute one-half cup of chopped onion in a few tablespoons of olive oil. Add a few tablespoons of white wine. On the side, cook about a pound of baby shrimp in six and one quarter cups of water. Separate and save the water and shrimp.

Add two cups of Risotto rice, three cups of shrimp broth to the chopped onion-olive oil-wine saute. Bring mixture to a boil then simmer slowly adding another three cups of shrimp broth slowly over the next 20-30 minutes until rice is soft. About one third to one half of the way into this cooking time add about 20 sprigs of fresh parsley, and 10-15 sliced leaves of fresh basil while continuing to cook. When rice is soft, stir in about 2-3 oz of butter, the juice from one-half lemon and about 3 oz of Parmesan cheese. Add a little salt and pepper to the rice for taste.  Saute the previously cooked baby shrimp briefly in added dry sherry. Add the  shrimp to the risotto rice, mix lightly and serve as soon as possible. A white wine is recommended if wine is to be served.

The recipe given above is similar to one developed by Mattison’s Catering Company of Sarasota, FL as “Shrimp & Meyer Lemon Risotto.”


2 responses to “Shrimp And Lemon Herb Parmesan Risotto

  1. This sounds delish. I have other grains I can substitute, maybe add cooking time and broth to brown long-grain rice. Here I was wondering what to serve for dinner today and you show up with inspiration. How cool is that?

  2. Healthy foods also easy to do. Wild rice works here as well as brown rice. Hope dinner turns out well.

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