Special Spices

The following list of seven salsa, mustard and spice products are available from Artisan’s Table in Tuscon, Arizona.
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                                       Shane Spencer
These products are all used a lot in our household. You will see many examples in later posts, but their general uses are indicated below. We also use a number of special pepper products, oils and marinades in a variety of dishes and I will review these items in tomorrow’s post.
Salsa Verde (green salsa) This is a mild, citrus-forward and refreshing salsa. I have used it for a quick and easy guacamole, to stew meats and veggies in the slow cooker and have added it to my white bean chicken or turkey chili.
Smoke and Fire (red salsa) This is a warm and smoky salsa that is perfect with any egg dish. Stewed meat in the crock is nice as well. A quick dip with the salsa, some black beans and a light sour cream is delicious.
Red Chile Spice Blend (red rub) This is a Oaxacan mole inspired blend (chipotle powder is the star) that works well with denser proteins like beef or pork on the grill or roasted. Use this liberally in my red chili (with beef, ground chicken and turkey). This does contain sesame seeds as well as almond meal.
Green Chile Spice Blend (green rub) This vibrant blend (New Mexico green chile powder is the king of this rub) is great in white bean chilies, on grilled chicken or pork and especially good on  a side of salmon cooked indirectly (charcoal or gas grill).
Chipotle Mustard (warm and smoky mustard) This is a bold mustard that really completes a sandwich, perhaps ham and cheese or almost any meat-cheese combination? I have grilled salmon and pork with the mustard slathered on with a slight drizzle of agave syrup for a fantastic well-rounded taste experience. Chipotle mustard is also fantastic on Chinese egg roll or spring roll as a complete substitute for the more traditional sweet and sour–Chinese mustard combinations.
Honey Porter Mustard (honey mustard) This is great with sandwiches, any sandwich. It is slightly sweet with a hint of molasses. This works well a a simple salad dressing or marinade. A quick example: a few table spoons of the mustard, fresh lemon juice, good olive oil and salt and pepper to taste. It works nicely with simple greens.
Onion Jam  Eat with cheese (preferably goat, gorgonzola or blue) and crackers. Add to sandwiches and burgers. Use as a glaze on pork, chicken or roasted vegetables. Ingredients are: onions, vinegar, cane sugar, orange juice, orange zest, fruit pectin, salt, spices and olive oil.

6 responses to “Special Spices

  1. I will post details on recipes using many of these spices on different posts later this month. Stay tuned. I’ll look at your blog as well.

  2. I have been so busy this week but I can’t wait to read up on your previous posts. I am looking forward to these posts. A whole month! 🙂

  3. Hope you enjoy. I certainly enjoy seeing you and hearing your comments.

  4. The chipotle mustard sounds wonderful.

  5. It is a great product. It has great versatility, which is to say you can use it in a lot of ways. I was astounded when I began using it on egg rolls. I was a real fan of some combination of sweet & sour with Chinese mustard, but I can never seem to get the combination right. The chipotle mustard was just right as is and left me thinking I’ll never eat an egg roll again without chipotle mustard.

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