Careers And Dreams

Many young people, not all, are being asked to bypass careers and dreams. This is a game we have been playing with ourselves for a long time. Indeed, it is played again and again by each generation. When you move away from the home you have lived in with your parents for many years, there have always been options most of which do not look so good. It is never easy to achieve the hopes and dreams we have for ourselves at that stage. Unhappily, many give up on careers and dreams before even giving their development a fair effort.

Even under the worst of conditions, when we you have little or no support from parents or relatives or others, opportunities will present themselves. But, you must work at it. It will not happen spontaneously. You must find a niche, and follow your dreams with determination and tenacity. That is the only key to success. Giving up before you start is the easy thing to do–and the outcome is certain.

Decide what you want to do. Whatever it is you aspire to do or be, you will require some form of advanced schooling past high school, usually college or advanced trade schooling.  What it is that you must do, and where to do to do it? Take entrance tests, have the results submitted to places you will make or have made applications for admission. If you do not receive timely answers make phone calls, or write key individuals at the places you have applies.  Make appointments for visiting those places. Don’t take no for an answer and never give up the dream.

Enthusiasm and effort to carry forward with your dreams will always receive encouragement in some quarters. The more people to whom you give the opportunity to help see you through the accomplishment of your dreams, the more assistance you will receive. You are actually giving them a chance to feel good about themselves for helping you.

At times you will be discouraged and want to give up. But you can’t do that. However, don’t be afraid to reassess your dreams. Develop your career plans in stages. The more you know, the more focused your dreams become, and, indeed, your ideas can and will change. Achieve one milestone first, another, and then another, on your way to the final step.

Money and resources will count for something each step of the way. Save! Live cheaply. If you are on your own, live frugally with others who have similar focused goals. Take advantage of sales especially on food and clothing, wear inexpensive clothing and take good care of it. Learn to repair your clothing, autos or bikes you may use to transport yourself around, take care of your apartment or place of residence and try to reduce energy expenses there as much as possible. If you have access to space for growing some of your own food, do so. Store the food you grow or buy and learn how to preserve some of it. Waste as little as possible.

The more inexpensively you live the more you can save, even if your earnings are meager. Above all, take these matters into careful consideration as part of your long-range plans in order to achieve your goals. When you have achieved your goals, remember where you came from. When you achieve a high position in life be aware of and watch for young people who are working hard, as you once did, to find your way. When you find them, remember that you were once like them, and do what you can to help them without making it seem like you are making it too easy for them to achieve their goals



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  1. Very encouraging and also realistic!

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