10 Steps Back to Community

1. Be civil in public: Wait for others to finish speaking before you speak. Never interrupt. Give some thought to what they say before you say what you have on your mind. If you are not clear on the point they make ask a question that may clarify what you are confused about. Wait for an answer.

2. Rebuild Social Capital: Greet others. Make an effort to smile. Ask how they are doing? Take the time to talk to others and to be understood.

3. Practice humility: Be humble in spirit. Deny arrogance, pride and self absorption.

4. Do a favor or a chore for someone without being asked: When things are not in order and the mood is disturbed, ask if there is something to be done, something you can do.

5. Volunteer: When there are jobs to be done, one needs to consider volunteering to get them done. If volunteers are requested and you can do the job, be one.

6. Don’t deceive yourself: Be honest with yourself first, above all others.

7. Be clear with others about your motives: Always say what you are trying to do with anything you do, especially when others are uncertain about them.

8. Find a balance between a strong and not strong enough approach: Establish a stable position for yourself about every idea or problem you face. Take a position on how to solve the problem. Be assertive, but not too assertive in plotting a solution.

9. Be aggressive in living: Take a clear and forceful stand on all matters.

10. Build character in interacting with others: Work out responses to all matters involving interactions with others.


2 responses to “10 Steps Back to Community

  1. nice.. i want to twitter this… is it me or i just dont seethe twitter share button?

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