What Would an Elected Third Party Do In the U.S. in 2013

Presently we have two parties that don’t have a clear idea on what to do next. A third party candidate cannot help unless he or she comes to the table with a much, much clearer understanding of reality. I admit that could happen, but then what of the Congress and what of the Supreme Court? But my concerns are less with the Court that with the Congress. The candidate needs fiscally sound ideas and a domestic program for the country that works. He or she will necessarily have to have a working knowledge of world affairs and a group of followers that can be elected in most of the congressional districts and in most of the Senate races.

Does the new third party candidate, in fact, bring along an electable group of legislators? If not, the party is over before it begins. But let’s suppose that’s possible and that a slate of legislators can be elected with the new third party President most believing as he or she does. What would they bring to the table?

They would bring a new view point. They would set up a program that deals with energy independence, renewed infrastructure and expanded education. These issues are long term. We can’t get there overnight. To start, we’ll need a revised, fair tax code, and true prices for things with no fake subsidies. We need to emphasize growth that brings maximum productivity. Efforts distant from that goal will be allowed to fail.

Automation, computers and artificial intelligence linked to such systems are eliminating jobs faster than we can create them. When we add in off-shoring which is just a way of designating jobs for removal as they will later be automated and eliminated. We need jobs for more people than we thought, but fortunately we need to completely rebuild the infrastructure of the country. That’s a start…there’s much more. This is a cost-sharing task for the federal government in collaboration with state local government. We need to rebuild transportation (highways and trains), power grids, water & sewage, relocate basic industries on the outskirts of cities…and more. We have a lot to do. While we do that, we’ll need to educate our young people—they won’t have jobs in the future without skills. Everyone needs to have skills so they can contribute. We need to engineer our way from fossil fuels to renewable energy production. We may need much more.


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